Tips for Developing Your Startup Marketing Plan

A Startup Marketing Strategy is an innovative marketing approach that suits a startup’s limited marketing budget and promises faster growth than more traditional marketing approaches. This approach may include growth advertising or viral promotion, depending upon the nature of your startup and whether you require a solid on-boarding platform to build your company on or whether you simply want quick results. The term “growth marketing” describes the combination of two words: “growth” and “marketing.” The idea is to create an environment in which customers and employees can grow comfortable with the products or services you are offering.

A startup marketing strategy that utilizes social media is a great way to start getting your brand out there while also generating buzz and attention for the brand through various social media platforms. Many companies choose to utilize influencer marketing to create a strong presence on influencers. When using influencer marketing, a company takes the time to carefully choose influencers who are already interested in their industry and who understand how to help people get to know them and start engaging with them on a more personal level. By hiring a great social media influencer or creating a company blog on LinkedIn, the company will find that its brand can be quickly and effectively intertwined with that of influencers who are not only interested in the industry but who have a strong following.

Growth hacking is a term that describes a new marketing strategy that begins with a basic problem and ends with a solution. This new strategy is often developed from customer dissatisfaction or lack of product functionality. Because this type of new marketing strategy is driven by a problem, it can be effective because solving a problem often compels people to act. In addition, the growth hacking approach can be especially powerful because it can provide a jumpstart on new product development while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.

Another strategy that many startups implement is search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO, companies take the time to carefully optimize their website content so that it ranks well for specific keywords. As a result, when someone searches for a particular product, service, or industry term, the company’s website may appear toward the top of the list. SEO is also often used as a way to attract new customers to a company’s website.

A final startup marketing strategy that can be implemented is through social media marketing. Companies who lack an online presence can learn how to use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to market their business. In fact, it is estimated that nine out of every ten new customers discovered their brand this way. However, marketers need to remember that social media campaigns must be carefully planned in order to be successful. There is nothing more frustrating than having your carefully laid out strategy go down the drain because you over-ambitioned yourself into over-promising. For startup companies with little money to invest, this is usually not a very feasible option.

The above mentioned strategies are just a few of the startup marketing plan options available to businesses. In general, a content marketing agency will provide clear goals and a comprehensive strategy for success. Once the business has decided which services or products they wish to offer, they should then work towards developing these services or products.

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